I’m not saying that Steve and Bucky are gay for each other


Steve and Bucky are totally gay for each other

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bucky: who the hell is bucky?



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the grumpy soldier.

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my-howl-diaries: Aww you're not fat xxx also I love your jeans let me steal them :) 

I have just 2 pants to survive :( thanks <3

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I&#8217;ll tell you all how the story endsWhere the good guys die and the bad guys win(Who cares?)This ain&#8217;t about all the friends you madeBut the graffiti they write on your graveFor all of us who&#8217;ve seen the lightSalute the dead and lead the fightHail, hail!Who gives a damn if we lose the war?Let the walls come down, let the engines roar